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Reilly bench update

We would just like to say thank you to everyone for supporting our buddy bench project! A special thank you to Solomon’s Scrap and Salvage and to Jarrod Lowry for providing the $300 sponsorship fee needed to process/dye the bench. We are just a little under 100 pounds away from being able to get a second bench. 

Reilly Cap and Lid Donation Update

We wanted to give you an update on the cap and lid donation at Reilly Elementary since we have seen such an amazing turnout. In just over two weeks, we have collected over 68 pounds of plastic cap and lids, with another load of almost 30 pounds to clean, sort through and box up. So once…

Remind and Verizon

Last week we had an announcement about Remind text message updates and Verizon wireless customers possibly seeing a service disruption due to a fees issue. It has been announced that there will be no shut off from Remind, as all customer will continue to be able to receive text message updates. For any further information,…