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Professional Development Day

We will not be having a Facebook Photo Friday due to school being out for a Teacher Professional Development day, but we do have some pictures of our teachers hard at work watching presentations and working on Illuminate training. Illuminate is a tool that our teachers are using to better grade and take care of…

Coding Class and the Code-A-Pillar

At Salem City Schools, we strive to keep evolving our classes to better equip our students with realistic and beneficial skills in our ever changing world. In doing so, we have a coding class in our Jr/Sr High. The class is a preparation for career paths in the expanding technological world we live in. Kaylin…

Facebook Photo Friday

We will be continuing the tradition we started last year and continue to post pictures of our students throughout the school year on our Facebook page every Friday. You can check out our Facebook page here, and our albums are now separated by not only building but school year.