John Lundin, Principal

“Making the future brighter, one child at a time,” is the phrase that has always been important to me.  I believe that each of our students is special and it is our responsibility as a school community to educate each one, make sure they all feel important, make sure they feel wanted, help them achieve and help them to be productive members of our community.  This year the Buckeye Elementary Team will do everything in its power to work to create a positive learning environment to help every student be successful.

I am confident that we will continue to have the same strong home-school-community connections at Buckeye Elementary that we have had in the past.  Last year we had excellent family involvement and support and would encourage parents to contact the school, attend a PTO meeting, come to our 100% parent conferences or write a note to a teacher to get involved.  Together we can accomplish anything!

Michelle Bowers
Michelle Bowers
Buckeye Secretary


Buckeye kindergarten 2019-2020 registration dates announced

Kindergarten registration for the 2019-2020 school year kicks off on April 9th, 11th and 13! You can register at Buckeye Elementary located at 1200 Buckeye Avenue Salem, OH 44460.
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St Patrick Day Leprechaun Hunt at Buckeye

As part of an annual tradition, the kindergartners at Buckeye went on a hunting expedition today. They went from room to room, looking at the remains of the destroyed traps that were set up yesterday to catch the little imp. Leprechauns aplenty as the kindergarten class went hunting In preparation for the quest, students made leprechaun hats that they wore as they followed the path of green footprints along the floor, wall, up the stairs…
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