Dear parents and guardians,
All students in grades 7, 9, and 10 will be completing the Attitudes and Behaviors (Developmental Assets) Survey at some point between now and April 1st. It will be administered in their social studies class. Remote students will receive the link to the survey in their email.
The survey is administered to all schools in Columbiana County. The data is used to establish county-wide and district-specific programs (establish Community Health Improvement Plan objectives, Create Drug-Free Coalitions, School Wellness Policies, District Strategic plans, Youth Leadership Groups, Adolescent Health Policy Development, Parent awareness and education, and securing Grant funding for school programs, and projects).
Please note the following information:
The Survey is ANONYMOUS
If a student feels uncomfortable with any of the content, they have the option to skip questions.
The survey has been administered in Columbiana County every two years since 2000.
If you wish to have your child opt-out of the survey or have any more questions regarding the survey, please email one of the school counselors or call 330-332-8905.
Sample survey questions can be found on the guidance website: