Dear Salem Parents and Community Members,

After consultation with the Ohio Department of Health, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has at this point ordered K-12 Schools to close at the end of the day, Monday, March 16th.

Following a countywide meeting with Wesley Vins, Columbiana County Health Commissioner, and the local school superintendents, the following listed recommendations will be effective immediately:

  • All out-of-state field trips are cancelled until further notice.
  • All field trips are cancelled until further notice.
  • All indoor student performances and mass gatherings open to the public will be postponed until further notice.
  • Additional guidance from Ohio High School Athletic Association ( will be monitored.
  • Schools will prepare for remote learning as necessary. 
  • All extra-curricular and practices are suspended until further notice.

Parents should prepare for children staying home from school for an extended period of time of a minimum of three weeks. While schools are closed, students should continue to avoid large gatherings and practice social distancing. At this time, our district plans to reopen on Monday, April 6, 2020.

It is also important to note that as of this writing, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Columbiana County. This is a rapidly evolving situation, and one that is being monitored closely. Schools in Columbiana County have previously developed emergency operation plans that specifically address how to deal with a large-scale illness outbreak, including procedures for excluding ill students and staff, cancellation of activities and mass gatherings. We will continue to stress the recommended precautions to avoid exposure to the virus, which are the same precautions you would take to avoid the flu, using effective hygiene as mentioned in previous communications. Custodial staff will continue to regularly clean and disinfect classrooms and common areas.

We will be continuing our partnerships with public health experts and updating you when new relevant information is available. You may find additional information here:

Columbiana County Health Department:

Ohio Dept. of Health:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:


Sean Kirkland

Some questions you might be asking about our Extended Spring Break:

When does the break start and end?

Students will attend school on Monday, March 16th. The first day students are home will be Tuesday, March 17th. Students will resume classes on Monday, April 6th, as of now. Our Spring Break that was originally scheduled for Thursday, April 9th- Monday, April 13th is still in effect.

Will my children need to do school work while they are off?

Yes, teachers will be working next week to prepare for students to work from home. Students will complete assignments given by their regular classroom teachers. Students in grades K-2 will work some online from home and some from work sent home by teachers. Students in grades 3-12 will complete their work online through Google Classroom or other curriculum platforms students are currently using at school. Students can expect their coursework to start on Monday, March 23rd.

What if I do not have internet or a device for my child to use?

Alternate arrangements can be made through each school’s principal and/or teacher. Some local cable/internet providers may offer free or discounted internet service for families that qualify for free or reduced lunch. Please contact local services to inquire. We are happy to provide qualification letters if needed.

Will teachers be available to help my child?

Yes, teachers will be available during regular school hours through email. Parents, caregivers, and students should feel free to reach out to their teacher if they need assistance.Each teacher’s email is in the following format:
You may also call the school office or consult the school website: to find teacher contact information.

Can my child receive lunch during the extended spring break?

We are currently working on a plan for students to pick up lunch at one or several locations. Watch for more information in the coming days.

My child receives special services, like speech language therapy, occupational therapy, or physical therapy. Will they still receive those supports?

Yes, if your child currently receives any of the above services, they will continue to receive those supports. Families affected will be notified of available times to receive services.

What if my child does not have the right school supplies to complete assignments?

Please contact your child’s teacher or building principal if there is something essential that your child needs to complete their assignments. Additionally, if your child forgot anything they need, please contact your building principal to make arrangements to pick up whatever is needed.

What if my child has medication at school that they need?

Parents must come int to pick up medications from the building nurse. Nurses will be available during regular school hours during the week of March 16th – 20th.

As always, please contact your child’s teacher or building principal with any questions.