Beautiful music, laughter, and a whole lot of fun filled the gym at Southeast Elementary on Friday, February 21st for a special band event called “Rehearsal with a Loved One”! For this event, each 5th grade band student was invited to bring a loved one to band as their special guest for the day! Moms and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas, Aunts and Uncles, and family friends filled the room for this unique and cool experience! Additionally, 18 “Pride of Salem” High School band students were thrilled to come and show their support for these young musicians. They were visibly excited to jump right in as the special guests for the 5th graders!

“Rehearsal with a Loved One” began with all special guests truly feeling like part of the band as they were seated directly by their student in the rehearsal. The students were so proud to showcase the growth they’ve made in their individual musicianship and skills as they performed songs for an upcoming concert in March. Students also demonstrated the rehearsal techniques, basic fundamentals, and daily exercises they’ve learned. To continue the event, all students and their guests were invited to take part in a fun activity! In this activity students explained to their guest how to play their band instrument, and using these instructions their guest was to attempt to play their instrument. This was a moment we will all not soon forget!

Music Educators and Directors, Anne Saltsman and Hannah Dickson, are thrilled to have a total of 110 5th graders join band this school year. Miss Saltsman and Mrs. Dickson hoped this event would help in welcoming these new band members and their families into what they like to call the “Pride of Salem” Band Family!

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