Fundraising has never been as fun as it has at Reilly Elementary this year. Third- and fourth-grade students as Reilly were challenged to find sponsors for their laps at the nearby Reilly Stadium, and if the students accomplished the set number of laps, principal Cindy Viscounte promised to allow those students to tape her to the wall of the school. Mission accomplished as the students went above and beyond, meeting and exceeding the number of laps required and this past Friday, Mrs. Viscounte made good on her promise.

With some initial support duct tape strips in place, Mrs. Viscounte stood on two chairs and each classroom arrived to place the lengths of colorful duct tape to their beloved principal. Once the taping was done, and with the help of multiple teachers, the chairs were moved to find Mrs. Viscounte stuck to the wall, unable to move anything but her feet! Students and teachers came by to take pictures and poke fun along with the principal, who was happy to have the support of the student body.

Salem City Schools couldn’t be more excited and proud of the Reilly students and faculty in setting up their fundraising this year. Not only was it successful monetarily, but it also helped promote unity and healthiness amongst the student body. Congratulations to the Reilly students!