We wanted to give you an update on the cap and lid donation at Reilly Elementary since we have seen such an amazing turnout. In just over two weeks, we have collected over 68 pounds of plastic cap and lids, with another load of almost 30 pounds to clean, sort through and box up. So once those totals are together, we are almost halfway to our goal of 250 pounds! Way to go!

We also wanted to send a big thank you to Busy Beaver hardware store who donated totes for the teachers to collect and carry all of these caps, as well as Fred’s Pharmacy for their large donations. 

If you are wanting to donate caps and lids to the school, you may do so during between the hours of 8 am until 3:30 pm. There is no end date for this drive, once we have reached the goal, we will make an announcement and cease collection. Thank you again to all in the community who have donated and helped out.