As part of an annual tradition, the kindergartners at Buckeye went on a hunting expedition today. They went from room to room, looking at the remains of the destroyed traps that were set up yesterday to catch the little imp.

Leprechauns aplenty as the kindergarten class went hunting

In preparation for the quest, students made leprechaun hats that they wore as they followed the path of green footprints along the floor, wall, up the stairs and into Mrs. Westbrook’s room.

Investigating one of the traps laid out to try and catch the leprechaun

Mrs. Winner thought she caught a glimpse of something under the desk and tried to catch the leprechaun with a bucket, but to no avail. The quick little feet of the magical leprechaun carried him off and free to wreak mischief elsewhere. He did leave behind a few cauldrons of candy and green bead necklaces though since the students put up such a great effort in trying to catch him.

Oh no! Almost got him, maybe they will finally get him next year!