In what has become an annual trip, Southeast’s fifth-grade students were taken on a tour of Kent State Salem, to be given a glimpse of some of the different majors and career paths they could be looking toward in the future.

The students were greeted with various different activities throughout the day. In one session, students met with some college e-sports athletes to learn about the scholarships they earned. These college students were part of the Kent State Salem Overwatch team and showed the students some of their skills on various gaming platforms before asking the students to challenge them. The fifth-graders learned about the events the e-sports team participates in and how they could see new avenues open up to them in college by earning these scholarships.

In another session, the school’s VR (virtual reality) headset was used to demonstrate new methods of discovery. Teachers and students at Kent State are able to use the VR headsets to get almost hands-on anatomy or nursing experience without any of the hassles or mess. Rather than get into the VR brain, our Southeast students tested out “the elevator”: students put on the headset, rode on an elevator to the fifth floor, then “walked” out onto a wooden plank, all while not leaving the first-floor room of the school.

Students also got a glimpse of what it’s like to be a rad tech, otherwise knows as a radiology technician. The session leader showed the class some of the X-rays they had on file as well as some of the harnesses they use to stabilize patients who are coming in to do radiation therapy.

We would like to thank Kent State Salem for hosting our fifth-graders’ tour again this year. The students always come away with a better understanding and excitement of what they want to be when they are out of high school.