A love of reading is important at any age, as well as a love to write and create. At Reilly Elementary this year, some of our students are combining their talents and writing “books” of poetry, short stories, and even some informational ones that are now housed in our library at Reilly for all to read.

While some students were inspired to write poems after a poetry teaching unit in Mrs. Hagan’s fourth-grade class, others created short stories simply from their own imaginations. Student’s in Mrs. Powell’s class worked together on a book about different feelings such as indifference, jealousy, and elation. There are even more books from all the different English/Language Arts classes, and they are all combined into class-separate binders creating the “books”.

Most of these poems and stories are short in length, just long enough to grab your attention and be finished in a library session. At Salem City Schools, we love the creativity and the drive of our students to always try new things. A special thank you to Mrs. Tiffany Kaiser for the idea and for leading the charge in creating these memories for the students.