Learning from those that have experience is integral in any educational situation, and in today’s social media crazed world, any prior experience is golden. So who better than two of Salem Police Department’s finest, Student Resource Officer Rich Miller and Detective Brad Davis, to help teach some of our students about the dangers of social media?

Officer Miller and Detective Davis, on separate occasions, both spoke to Mr. Willi Colbert’s computer technology classes on how to best use social media. Students were encouraged to ask questions of the officers. The officers were as forthcoming as they were legally able to be on information about previous cases and used examples of how social media was used to deter criminal behavior, even so far as to catch those breaking the law. Detective Davis, for example, discussed how the police officers can use apps like Snapchat and Facebook to track people, and how to use those settings best so as to not be caught off guard by someone with ill intent.

Social media can be a blessing and a curse in today’s society. Knowing how to properly use the accounts our students are creating as well as how to interact with others on those social media sites in of vital importance. Salem City Schools would like to thank both Officer Miller and Detective Davis for teaching our students how to get the most out of and be safe on social media.