Healthy competition breeds excellence, and the annual spelling bee at Southeast Elementary is a great combination of competition and learning. This year, 48 students, mixed from the fifth- and sixth-grades, came together to see who the school champion would be.

Students were given a word collected on a list predetermined by a panel of teachers and spoken by MC Mrs. Wendy Higgins. The student would repeat the word, and before spelling it for the school, they would have the option of asking for the definition of the word or its use in a sentence. Once the word was spelled, the panel would determine whether it was correct or not.

As the pool of 48 dwindled down, the words became more difficult. Eventually, the top ten were decided, and those ten will go on to participate in the city spelling bee, which will be held at the Jr/Sr High on February 1st. The school champion for Southeast was Alexa DiCross, a sixth-grade student, and the word she won on was “galleon”.