It’s always great when students decide amongst themselves to give, whether it be to a person or an organization, and students in Mrs. Winn’s fourth-grade reading classes did just that. Upon reading stories of children who helped their own communities, the classes banded together for a cause.

Akron Children’s Hospital is running a campaign to build a new playground at their Ronald McDonald House. As part of their fundraising campaign, you can donate pop tabs, the little metal thing on cans of soda, vegetables, and various other items, to the hospital and the hospital will take them to a local metal recycler, who in turn will give the hospital cash in exchange.

Mrs. Winn’s classes took to the challenge and collected any and all tabs over the winter break. After collecting the tabs for a few months, they combined them all together and came up with seven jars worth of tabs, totaling over 17 pounds! We are proud of Mrs. Winn’s class, giving of their time and energy and giving back to their community. If you want to donate pop tabs to Akron Children’s Ronald McDonald House, here is the link with more information.