A little incentive is a good push toward a goal and the students in Mrs. Manski and Mrs. Orville’s classrooms have a delicious prize awaiting them at the completion of their task. Mrs. Manski and Mrs. Orville’s 5th Grade Classes at Southeast Elementary have been busy working on fact fluency during their math blocks. Each 5th Grader has accepted the Ice Cream Multiplication Challenge and is mastering their 0-12 facts. Each week, the students are given a timed test and must successfully answer each problem correctly in order to master that level. Each level the students have mastered turn into a part of their ice cream sundae in the hallway. Bowls, bananas, spoon, scoops, and toppings are a few of the rewards the students are earning. Their charts are filling fast as their celebration is scheduled in November. Congratulations to the hard-working students of Southeast who are taking pride in fact fluency and continuing to increase in speed and accuracy!