It’s not every day you have the opportunity to see a butterfly, but on a warm September Friday, the students in Mrs. Markijohn’s second-grade classroom had the chance to not only see one but hold it as they let it out into the wild. Students watched patiently throughout the month as the caterpillars build their chrysalis and prepare for a transformation.

Mrs. Markijohn’s class collected approximately 20 caterpillars to monitor, feed, and take care of for the two weeks before they wrap themselves up in their respective chrysalis. Once the caterpillars cocooned themselves up, it’s another two weeks until the emerge as beautiful Monarch butterflies. Upon the last step of completion, the butterflies are released out into nature.

The students learn a multitude of things during the entire process: the transformation process from caterpillar to butterfly, how to take care of them and what to feed them, what the weather must be like to release the butterflies. We are so proud of the students in Mrs. Markijohn’s class for taking great care of the caterpillars!