The first day back is always a mixed bag of emotions. Parents are excited to get a kid-free home after a summer of vacations, late nights, and non-stop energy, but every parent will admit to feeling that bit of choking up when the time comes to drop off their children at the front doors of their new building. Meanwhile, the student, upset about having to do anything before 10:00 am, opens up the classroom doors where friends from three months ago are there and stories and adventures are exchanged and all is right with the world again. As much as schools are places for learning, the relationships made and molded inside the walls are almost equally important.

Students in Mrs. Slopek’s second-grade class organize their supplies. A big thank you is in order to all our parents for following the supply lists and preparing our students for a fun-filled, highly educational year ahead!

It’s never too early to start reading, and the first day of school is no excuse! Mrs. Barrett starts out the school year by reading to her students.

Reilly Elementary is embracing a new theme this year: superheroes! Students in Ms. O’Brien’s class are describing themselves as superheroes, and throughout the year, lessons and special days will feature what it takes to be a superhero in our day-to-day lives.

All smiles in Mrs. Hagan’s fourth-grade classroom.

Even though all of Salem City Schools is one-to-one with regards to technology, i.e. each student has access to either a Chromebook or an iPad, sometimes you still need a good book!. Mrs. Milliken-Dees explains to her sixth-grade class which books will be needed for each subject and day of the week.

Students group together in the combined classrooms of Mrs. Carlisle and Mrs. Higgins.