On Thursday, May 10th, Salem City Schools held a district-wide art show in the Jr/Sr High cafeteria and library. Pictures and art created by students from each of our four buildings, Buckeye Elementary, Reilly Elementary, Southeast Elementary, and the Jr/Sr High School, were on display for all in attendance.

Long banners hung from the ceiling in the cafeteria, showcasing the artwork crafted by the students from each and every one of our elementary classrooms. There were tables as well, featuring crafts such as clay jars and pots, along with a create-your-own-art-work station. You could also peruse the library and see more drawings, artwork, and pictures taken by the Jr/Sr High students.

Salem City Schools would like to thank all that came out and supported our students and their artwork at our first art show. Cultivating an atmosphere of creativity is of utmost importance at Salem City Schools and we are proud of our students for their hard work. You can see pictures from the event on our Facebook page.