Last Thursday Buckeye Elementary held assemblies for each grade so students could meet children’s author Jerry Pallotta, who has published over 50 books. Mr. Pallotta is known for his variety of alphabet books as well his imaginative fiction books that are great for all ages and reading levels. Mr. Pallotta is known to use the premise of “animal versus animal” to educate readers on different aspects and traits specific to the animals.

Mr. Pallotta, who lives in Boston, Massachusetts, gave a brief overview of his life and career before starting his presentation; a bracket challenge of who would win amongst the jungle animals. The “fights” included green anaconda versus leopard, sun bear versus antelope and the final battle: gorilla versus jaguar. Spoiler alert: the gorilla wins. Students had an opportunity to have books signed by Mr. Pallotta as well as purchase some from his collection.

Salem City Schools would like to thank Mr. Pallotta for visiting with our students and taking the time to speak with and sign books for them as well. The joy he has helped create with his presentations and the lessons learned with his books will carry on for years.