Field trips always make great days and the fifth-grade students at Southeast Elementary went on a great field trip last Friday to Kent State Salem. The students were able to sit in on four different presentations by professors from the college who presented some of the majors the school offers.

The students moved through four different classrooms and received hands-on experience in a variety of fields. In one classroom, the students were able to use a VR headset (VR stands for virtual reality) to “deconstruct” a human skull and spine. In another, they looked over x-rays and learned about being a radiation tech or “rad tech” for short. One stop led them to the horticulture department where they found out the difference between a spruce and a pine tree amongst a large variety of other plant life. The final class was the chemistry lab where the professor showed that mixing chemicals safely can be fun by mixing two clear liquids together to make a vibrant pink one.

Salem City Schools prides itself on preparing our students for the next level of education and life experience. Field trips like these expose the students to jobs and careers they might not have thought of and, in doing so at such an early age, helps them prepare for that path early on in life. We would also like to extend a thank you to all the professors at Kent State Salem who gave our students a great experience. You can find pictures of the field trip in an album on our Facebook page.