It has been proven that a healthy body is imperative to have a healthy learning mind. Southeast Elementary and their physical education teacher, Miss Hippely, are utilizing the Hoops for Heart program to ensure that our students achieve and maintain a healthy body early on.

Hoops for Heart is a fundraising event sponsored by the American Heart Association, the Society of Health and Physical Educators (also known as SHAPE) which helps educate students on methods to get into and stay in shape. The money earned, from Hoops for Heart, goes towards research for heart disease.

As part of the fundraising drive, Miss Hippely set up stations for the students to participate in and rotate to after five minutes passed. Cones were set up to dribble through and keep track of how many times each student made it from beginning to end. Another station consisted of a free throw shooting contest, and the final station was a one-on-one competition. Students were to shoot from designated spots on the floor and were assigned points based on their success. The closer to the basket the point was, the fewer points the student earned.

We would like to thank Miss Hippely and Southeast Elementary for helping our students learn, and work toward better physical health. A healthy body helps a healthy mind learn, and a learning mind thrives.