If your kids come home from Reilly Elementary and say they have been “mugged”, fear not! Our students will be taking part in an outreach event wherein they will write down and distribute compliments and/or appreciations about another student, teacher, family member, etc.

This awesome idea came from our elementary speech pathologist Tiffany Kaiser. Upon returning from winter break, Kaiser found an oversized coffee mug on her desk filled with flowers, treats, and a note stating that she had been “mugged” by someone. Now it is her job to now return the favor to someone else.

Modifying the plan a bit, Mrs Kaiser drew up a mug and put slips of paper inside for the students to take and write something positive that they wouldn’t usually say to the receiving person. The idea is to continue to spread kindness and cheer throughout the student body and staff. You can find some pictures of our students on our Facebook page.