At Salem City Schools, we love when our community comes together to help students learn and grow. This week at Southeast Elementary, we have a great example of our community sharing lessons that the students will remember for years to come. Click below for more information and of course, pictures!

Miss Ann Saltsman, elementary music, and Ms. Hannah McFarland, Jr/Sr High band, welcomed community volunteers to teach our 5th grade band members how to use their instruments. Students were able to participate in a full week of sectional practices with the volunteers in what has been deemed ‘Jumpstart Week’ at Southeast Elementary. Students are divided into various classrooms depending on their instrument group, and given a hands on lesson involving how to take care of and play their instrument.

Jumpstart Week wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful volunteers, and we would like to thank those that were involved with teaching our students:

  • Cheryl McDevitt
  • Joy Cable
  • Kirk Hofmeister
  • Mike Newman
  • Ed Cable
  • Bob Barnett