In an effort to highlight our wonderful teachers and students, we decided to visit Mrs. Amy Orville’s class on Friday. Upon our arrival, we were able to witness the students learning to work through problems using the scientific method. Below, you will be able to see some pictures and more information about the project and teaching lesson they were working on.

Mrs. Orville challenged the students to use that process in a Pencil Tower Lab. The “scientists” needed to first observe the pencils they were going to be using, predicting how tall their tower would be, designing a plan or blueprint on how to build the pencil tower, and then finally building their design. The students enjoyed building their towers and quickly realized if their decisions on their blueprints were the solution to the problem. Each group met the objective for the lesson as they realized that sometimes a problem has many different solutions, our predictions can be correct or incorrect, our decisions affect the solution, and scientists must be flexible and observe what is happening in the environment.