Getting students excited about learning is one of the things Salem City Schools does the best, and Sarah Hamilton’s classes got to experience a new way to learn with the “escape room.” Using their new Chromebooks, Miss Hamilton’s class got to know each other better, have some fun, and learn all in one.

Escape rooms have become a very popular thing to do, with groups of friends or family trying to figure out clues to “unlock” the door to get out, all within a certain time frame, usually an hour. Hamilton’s class did something similar, with a little less “danger”.

The students have a series of four tasks that they need to decipher and complete with their group members in order to escape the room in time. They must enter their answer in the online google form correctly, in order to be given the next task. There is a movable puzzle in one of the tasks online that they must complete in order to be given the clues to decipher that tasks codes. The escape room uses online elements integrated with physical manipulative clues. The escape room is a team building exercise that allows students the opportunity to get to know members of their team while they use their analytical problem-solving skills. As you can see from the attached pictures, the students thoroughly enjoyed escaping! Miss Hamilton does have an Instagram for her class @coachhamilton210. Give her a follow to see more from her classroom this year.