Mrs. Lundquist

Salem City Schools is happy to announce that we have a new elementary school counselor who will be moving between our Buckeye, Reilly and Southeast schools. Karlyn Lundquist has been with us since the school year started and has been working with some of our students already. Karlyn is in her 10th year as a school counselor, 4 in elementary, 4 in middle and 1 in high school. She has a Masters of Education in Counseling from Youngstown State University.

Karlyn has already jumped in and made great strides to better provide care and counseling for our students. She conducted a poll of 52 teachers from the three schools and found some interesting results that will shape how she works with the children. The poll was questioning to what degree is our school in need of the following: 44 of the 52 teachers feel more parent outreach and support is needed/highly needed, 41 of 52 feel stronger social and peer relationships are needed/highly needed and 45 of 52 feel that our schools are in the “needed/highly needed” category when it comes to self control. When asked what type of methods the teachers would like to see implemented, 94% of the teachers would like to see an individual counseling method used, 70% a small group and 60% classroom guidance. With the results of this questionnaire, Mrs. Lundquist is armed with a plan about how to better take care of our students.

With all of this great information about how our teachers would like to see our students be helped and counseled, Karlyn has also produced a referral form for both students and teachers to fill out and turn in. These will be available at each of the schools. Students and teachers can fill out these referral forms and ask for Mrs. Lundquist to assist the situation in regards to personal matters as well as academic. The teacher forms have an area where the teacher must make contact with a parent. Parents can also reach Mrs. Lundquist at if they feel as though guidance/counseling is needed for one of their children. Karlyn’s schedule has her spending one full day in each of the schools: Tuesdays at Reilly, Wednesdays and Southeast, and Thursdays at Buckeye. Mondays and Fridays she will split her days between Reilly and Southeast.