Students at our Buckeye school writing about themselves at the start of the year.

Students at our Buckeye school writing about themselves at the start of the year.

It happens around the same time every year: the sun starts setting a little sooner, the temperature drops ever-so-slightly, the end of summer parties and festivals get scheduled for the last week of August. However, the same week that marks the end of staying up late and sleeping in for our students signals the beginning of weekend bonfires, football games and, of course, school starting. Let’s go over some back to school advice tips for the parents and students as you prepare for the 2016/2017 school year with Salem City Schools.


Get back into a school routine

As soon as school lets out in June, kids (and teachers alike) get into the habit of not having a habit. Slumber parties, camping trips, and impromptu Netflix binges that last until 2am completely destroy the long standing bedtimes of students across the area. Try getting your school-aged kids to bed sooner rather than later to get them used to the routine they will be following from September to June. Imposing a strict “lights out” policy might work for some, but implementing a more gradual way of going about it would work better for most: screen time cut off at 9 or 10 and a “lights out” time of 11 will help get your child into a rhythm while allowing them to enjoy those last few days of summer.


Set out outfits and supplies as early as possible

Every child loves to have their back to school outfit perfect. The shoes, the shirt, the backpacks all have to be on point and ready to go. Figure out what your kids want to wear as soon as possible and set it out the night before. This will help on the day of because you won’t have those “you are not wearing THAT” arguments with groggy adolescents. Have those backpacks ready with the supplies that are needed. You can find the supply lists for your school and grades on the building specific website.


Stay informed

Information is power and we want to make sure you are equipped with enough knowledge to prepare your kids for that big first day. We have Open Houses and Orientations for all of the schools in our system that will provide you with any and all the essential info about the school and the school year. The dates and times are scheduled and posted on our Facebook site as well as on the building specific site as well. Make sure to like our Facebook page, where we will keep you as informed as possible with news throughout our district.


The end of summer can be a bummer, there’s not doubt about that, but by following these steps and staying informed, you and your children will have a great school year with us here at Salem City Schools.