Lisa DeRose
Welcome to Southeast Elementary School! This year we will be exploring the idea of  mindfulness. Mindfulness means being fully in the present moment. By learning to be mindful, students can make wiser choices that will enhance their learning, strengthen their relationships, and create a more peaceful learning environment.
Pam Thomas
Southeast Secretary
Salem actually translates to “The City of Peace.” Southeast students and staff will work together this year to make Southeast Elementary School, the school of peace.
As always, please feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have.
Lisa A DeRose, Principal
330-332-8925 ext 58711



Times Tables and Ice Cream Sundaes at Southeast

A little incentive is a good push toward a goal and the students in Mrs. Manski and Mrs. Orville's classrooms have a delicious prize awaiting them at the completion of their task. Mrs. Manski and Mrs. Orville's 5th Grade Classes at Southeast Elementary have been busy working on fact fluency during their math blocks. Each…
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Photo Fridays for September: Southeast

Fall has flung itself at Northeast Ohio and the Salem City School district. We have had a ton of fun learning here at Southeast Elementary. The theme at Southeast this season is mindfulness and peace. So Southeast students are encouraged to "peace it together". Southeast Elementary Principal Lisa DeRose has suggested that this year had the…
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