Salem City Schools 1:1 Initiative

Salem Schools has adopted a 1:1 Chromebook Initiative for all students grades 5-12. The goal is to strengthen students' 21st century skills and present them with a transformational learning experience that provides around-the-clock access to learning, with virtually unlimited information sources. Teachers will have more opportunities to deliver instruction using a variety of methods to better meet the different learning needs of all students, actively engaging them in learning.

Beginning with the 2017-18 school year, every student enrolled at the junior and senior high schools will receive a Chromebook computer for school and home use. Southeast students (grades 5 and 6) will be assigned a personal Chromebook to be used in school.

Junior and Senior High Students and Parents Only

Required For Students To Receive Chromebooks For Home Use

Parents and students must read and agree to the technology AUP (acceptable use policy), which may be found on this web page.  Follow the link above. You do not need to print this document.  The only document you will need is a hard copy of is the ‘Sign-off Form’ (step 4).
Parents and students must read and agree to the policy for Chromebooks that go home with students.  Follow the link above. You are not required to print this document.  The only document you will need is a hard copy of is the ‘Sign-off Form’ (step 4).
Optional insurance information here.  Students are responsible for all damages, accidental and other.  Insurance covers up to $200 with NO deductible.  Insurance coverage includes accidental breakage and loss or theft when a police report is made. You may use the link above to sign-up directly from the Worth Ave. Group web page. Credit/debit cards and PayPal are accepted. The cost is $12.58 per device per year.
Insurance registration is open from Aug 15th to Sept 15th
Parents and students must sign and turn in this sign-off form on distribution day. One form may be used for all of the students in your household. Follow the link above.  Print the form and fill-in.
Please note that the above documents will be available at distribution. However, reading the policies in advance and bringing the completed sign-off form with you will greatly speed up the process and possibly prevent you having to return on the make-up day to complete the distribution.
Chromebook Distribution
HS Auditorium

August 15th:

10:00 am – 11th grade Chromebook distribution
1:00 pm – 12th grade Chromebook distribution

August 16th:

10:00 am – 7th grade orientation and Chromebook distribution
1:00 pm – 8th grade Chromebook distribution

August 17th:

10:00 am – 9th grade Chromebook distribution.
1:00 pm – 10th grade Chromebook distribution.

August 18th:

9:00 am – 2:00 pm – makeup distribution day.

The three documents that are linked to the left of this message (AUP, Chromebook Policy, and Sign-off Form) are also available in the high school office. You may pick them up any time the office is open.

The insurance link will take you to the Worth Ave. Group website where you may signup for device insurance. The website accepts only credit/debit cards or PayPal. If you must pay by check, make the check out to Salem City Schools for $12.58 (per device) and take it to the high school or junior high office.  The district will complete the insurance registration for your student(s).