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All of the forms on this website are fill forms. Information may be recorded by clicking in the box to create a check or an “X” or you may type text to supply information be sure that “highlights” is on so that the boxes needed completed appear with a blue tint.  Movement from box to box may be accomplished by using the “TAB” key or by using the cursor and clicking in the box.
You may be instructed to install ADOBE ACROBAT 8.1 on your computer to make the program run if you are accessing the site from home. An install for ADOBE ACROBAT 8.1 is on the LPDC main page and will complete this requirement for you.
All forms may be printed by clicking the PRINT button. You may save the form by changing the name and then saving to the location of your choice on your computer. When submitting to the LPDC you may submit a printed copy or e-mail your saved copy as an attachment.

Verification and Contact Form

You may complete and/or update this form and submit online. You will be required to login using your school computer user name and password if you access the form from outside of the school’s network. Please include ‘salemschools\’ ahead of your user name when logging in, i.e., salemschools\smithb

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