John Lundin, Principal

“Making the future brighter, one child at a time,” is the phrase that has always been important to me.  I believe that each of our students is special and it is our responsibility as a school community to educate each one, make sure they all feel important, make sure they feel wanted, help them achieve and help them to be productive members of our community.  This year the Buckeye Elementary Team will do everything in its power to work to create a positive learning environment to help every student be successful.

I am confident that we will continue to have the same strong home-school-community connections at Buckeye Elementary that we have had in the past.  Last year we had excellent family involvement and support and would encourage parents to contact the school, attend a PTO meeting, come to our 100% parent conferences or write a note to a teacher to get involved.  Together we can accomplish anything!

Michelle Bowers
Michelle Bowers
Buckeye Secretary


Summer Lunch Program

Salem City Schools will continue its summer lunch program that was started with great success in 2017. Anyone aged 18 or younger can come get a free lunch at the Jr/Sr High Cafeteria between the hours of 11:30 am to 12:30 pm Monday through Friday starting June 4th and going through August 17th. Adults are able to come for lunch as well but will have a charge of $3 per meal. The cafeteria will be…
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Salem City Schools Art Show

On Thursday, May 10th, Salem City Schools held a district-wide art show in the Jr/Sr High cafeteria and library. Pictures and art created by students from each of our four buildings, Buckeye Elementary, Reilly Elementary, Southeast Elementary, and the Jr/Sr High School, were on display for all in attendance. Long banners hung from the ceiling in the cafeteria, showcasing the artwork crafted by the students from each and every one of our elementary classrooms. There…
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