Salem City Schools Request For Proposal Information

On this page, you will find links to download all District active RFP’s. Please note that any addenda will be available from this page also.  Thank you.

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Due to the number of proposals, Salem City Schools has extended the award timeline from May 16, 2016 to either its next (special) meeting or at the latest the June 20, 2016 regular board meeting.

Printer/Copier Managed Services

Please download the pdf of Salem Schools’ RFP for printer/copier management services.  If you have questions, please contact Tim Roller at or 330-332-0316 x 58225.

Download Managed Printer/Copier Services RFP

Addendum 1 - disposition of current copiers/printers

The current copiers/printers will be owned by the District at the end of its lease (it was a lease/purchase).  In your bid, please include a trade-in value for the machines.  The District reserves the right to keep some of the machines.


1) I noticed the words cost per copy and lease both used throughout the RFP. I wanted to confirm the district will pay a monthly lease payment and then separately, a cost per copy based on usage?

ANSWER: The lease is a separate payment from the cost per copy.

2) Does the new vendor need to replace the HP printers or would we simply take over the service? (Nearly all of the models are very low volume and could be utilized moving forward)

ANSWER: If the HP printers do not need replaced (i.e. the District elected to keep them), the vendor would take over the service..

Banking Services

Please download the pdf of Salem Schools’ RFP for banking services.  If you have questions, please contact Bob Barrett at, or 330-332-0316 x 58217.

Download Banking Services RFP

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