Reilly Stadium and Turf Project

To date: 90%


Our goal: to secure funding for an all-weather field, new track, and video scoreboard at Reilly Stadium

Why Upgrade Reilly Stadium?

Maintaining playable field conditions throughout the fall sports season proves to be a daunting task

Field conditions deteriorate quickly and are slow to improve, eliminating the ability for any groups outside of soccer and football to use the stadium throughout the year. Additionally, the field is costly to maintain: about $53,000 per year for lining, seeding, fertilizing, watering and mowing.

The track is in need of replacement. Estimates of the cost are more than $130,000. Stop gap repairs have not solved the problems.

Our current scoreboard is outdated, limiting its use. A new video board will allow for more ads, video replay, and may be utilized by the district and classroom instructors.

$40,000+ savings per year

A synthetic field will benefit our district and community by providing a multi-use, all-weather, safe and consistent surface that will be available for hundreds of events annually. In addition to use by junior high and high school groups, the stadium will be available for youth football and soccer programs, elementary school field days, community events, and more. Physical education classes will be able to use the field, providing Salem schools with its largest classroom. Installing a turf field will also reduce maintenance costs. With the elimination of lining, watering, fertilizing and mowing expenses, annual maintenance costs will cut to an estimated $10,000 per year.

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Sponsorship Benefits

Gold, Silver, and Bronze sponsors will receive the following for five years:

* Stadium recognition (Plaque)
* VIP parking to all home sporting events at stadium
* Sponsor recognition, both visual and verbal announcements
* Advertisement via the school yearbook and athletic program
* Endzone sponsor display
* Invitation to the Reilly Stadium dedication reception

Questions and Answers

What is artificial turf?

Artificial turf is a synthetic carpet-like surface covering consisting of man-made materials that are grass-like in appearance and function. The surface “blades” are interspersed with a soil-like base made of sand or rubber or a combination thereof that provide the stability and uniformity needed. When used on athletic fields, it provides a consistent playing surface built to withstand extended use without down time for recovery.

Why is Salem City Schools seeking to replace the natural grass surface with artificial turf?

An artificial turf field will dramatically increase the utilization, making the field almost always available. It is estimated that the artificial turf field will be used 2,500+ hours per year based on statistics provided by other area high schools.

Are synthetic surfaces player friendly?

When artificial turf surfaces were introduced, there were many myths and perceptions about injuries. These perceptions have changed with the knowledge that injuries are usually sport specific and not related to the playing surface whether it be natural or synthetic.

What are the real benefits of synthetic turf?

Benefits differ from activity to activity and also depend upon the quality and design specified. In general, synthetic fields are always ready for use. They hold up to frequent use, and require significantly less labor and maintenance expense.

In addition to school programs, will the fields be available for community use?

When not in use for school and district programs, the fields will be available for community use in keeping with current board policies.

How did the turf stadium project come about?

This project is a response to the growing need for an all weather stadium surface that improves and expands track facilities for athletic, musical and community activities. This significantly improves the usability for all of our teams and musical performers and builds on our community at Salem.

Who is leading this effort?

A committee of volunteers has been formed that is comprised of Salem administrators, members of the community, and parents of current and past students.

Has the Board of Education and the school's staff endorsed this project?

Yes. The Board of Education approved a preliminary study that helped kick-off the project. The Superintendent, Treasurer/CFO, Business Manager, and Athletic Director, have helped lead the effort to determine the requirements of the stadium to ensure that all sports and other activities are included in the process.

Are there any limitations on how often the field can be used?

No, all turf companies guarantee their product for 10+ years regardless of usage. This is one of the great advantages of synthetic turf. It is anticipated that the field can be used nearly year round, as many hours of the day as needed.

Who will get to use the field and who will manage the priorities?

The school administration will manage the field and set the priorities. In general, high school activities take precedence, whether it is for athletic or musical events or practices. However, given the capability to use the field throughout the day and into the evening with lights, youth sports and other community activities will have access to the field.

What is the financial goal of the project?

A goal of $ 700,000.00 dollars has been set for the initial project.

Why isn’t the school district proposing a tax levy for the project?

The goal of this fundraising effort is to bring needed improvements to the district and community without additional tax dollars.

Who do I make my check out to and where do I send it?

Make checks payable to: Salem City Schools. 1226 East State Street, Salem OH 44460. Additionally, credit card payments are accepted online via our PayPal link.

Can I make my gift in memory or honor of someone?

Yes! We’d be happy to acknowledge your gift as an honorary or memorial contribution, and send a notification to the person(s) to whom you are honoring.